House Rules

The tenant and his visitors must respect the rules of the community of owners, as well as the rules decided by consensus among all the current tenants of the apartment (cleaning rules, noise, schedules, visits, etc.) as long as they do not contradict what is stipulated in this contract or Spanish law. In case of conflict between the tenants of the apartment, the landlord will decide. In addition, the following standards are established:
  • No loud music, no loud television, no loud conversations, no loud noises in general (especially at night) are not allowed in the house (room or common areas). The Law indicates the following: The limit is around 60 dB with respect to neighboring houses. During the night it decreases up to 40 dB to guarantee the quality of rest for the neighbours.
  • The tenant must ventilate his room and the common areas of the house for at least 30 minutes a day, leaving the windows that face the outside of the house open.
  • Smoking is expressly prohibited in common areas. If a tenant or his visitor smokes, he must do so in his room with the door closed and the window open, ensuring that the smoke does not go out of his room into the common areas or other rooms. Animals are not allowed in any part of the house, unless it has been agreed unanimously by all parties, that is, between tenants and property manager.
  • Hazardous or illegal substances are not allowed in the home. Dangerous or illegal activities are also not allowed.
  • An excessive consumption of supplies is not allowed (eg: water, gas, electricity, Internet…).
  • It is not allowed to attack the personal integrity of the lessor or any other tenant of the house, neither verbally nor physically.
  • It is not allowed to carry out economic activities of any kind in the house (except teleworking, as long as it does not imply the regular entry of clients or co-workers into the flat).


Visitors from the lessee are not allowed to stay the night (always in the lessee’s room) more than 8 nights per month. Daytime visitors are not allowed for more than 40 hours per month. For security reasons, visitors can only be in the house while the tenant is there too. The lessee is fully responsible not only for their own actions, but also for those of their visits, both in their own room and in the common areas, as well as in the rest of the rooms, as well as in the common areas of the building.

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